Project 6 - Diablo-like Hack n' Slash

Spite - Ragnars Mjöd was my 6th project at The Game Assembly. The game was produced in our very own in house C++ and DirectX11 engine, Yellowsnow, over the span of 10 weeks on 50% work time.

"After an all night bender with your friends you wake up alone in the snow and surrounded by the undead. Battle draugr and ice giants to recover your stolen mead!"




  • Main menu implementation, maintenance and polish

  • In game HUD functionality and maintenance

  • Scrolling credits menu implementation

  • HP, rage and ultimate shader implementation


  • I implemented an automatic interpolator with the help of the external library Tweeny.

  • I implemented a C++ to managed .NET C# bridge 

  • I implemented an "editor mode" where you could create sprites by dropping sprite files in the engine window as well as free transforming them in runtime.

  • Raycast vs box logic


  • I gathered, post-processed, implemented and tweaked various gameplay sounds.