Project 5 - Rail Shooter

Raggarök was my 5th project at The Game Assembly, and the first one made with the Wizard Loaf crew. The game was developed over the span of 10 weeks at 50% work time in our very own home C++ and DirectX11 engine, Yellowsnow.

"Ram through the imperial greaser organisation and ignite a war that will end all raggare: Raggarök."




  • Main menu implementation, maintenance and polish.

  • I built a system for creating and handling moving menu elements.


  • I buildt and maintained a text rendering pipeline.

  • I buildt and maintained a debug line and sphere rendering pipeline.

  • I implemented sphere collision logic.

  • I implemented ambient lighting.

  • I loaded and handeled normal maps.

  • I wrapped and linked the Tweeny library.


  • I linked and further developed a previously buildt Wwise wrapper.

  • I gathered, post-processed, implemented and tweaked various gameplay and UI sounds.

  • I implemented an in game radio used to cycle between a set of tracks.